Saturday, April 18, 2009


So after going to the farmer's market last weekend, I've been making lots of kale recipes. And actually, they didn't end up being that different (I didn't want to make soup because the weather was warm). So I made White Beans and Rigatoni, I threw some extra fresh basil in it and replaced the canned tomatoes with a bell pepper I had cut up already, also I left out the mushrooms. It was kind of bland. I also made Bean and Kale Ragu, which was pretty good, and I took a picture, which is above. The only comment I have here is that fresh oregano is much stronger than I expected, so I did what I do with basil, cut it very coarsely and put about twice as much as it called for, and this was a bad idea with oregano, just to warn you. I cooked it down a little more.

Finally, my favorite kale recipe of the week was Kale Puttanesca. My modifications: I used fresh tomatoes instead of canned, I left out the anchovies because I dislike fish (especially anchovies) and the olives, which yes, I'm sure makes it less authentic, but I wouldn't eat it otherwise, and as always, I added extra garlic (or maybe I just used to large cloves, I forget). But this was a great dinner, a nice light, spicy pasta dish. It seemed like the perfect warm weather night food, and was complemented perfectly by mint ice cream for dessert.

Actually, I think this was the majority of my cooking for the week...

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