Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pseudo-Indian Feast

So I'll be cooking a lot this week/weekend so be prepared. The reasons for this: 1) I went to the farmer's market today and 2) I'm moving a lot of my stuff, including most of my pans and what not. I'm cooking ahead, so I can have a bunch of reheatable meals for the future weeks.

So today, I made Indian Flavored Vegetable Pancakes, which aren't too expensive when you go to the farmer's market and get all your veggies and spices for next to nothing and a great way for someone like me to eat veggies. I also attempted a new dahl: Red Lentil Dahl, another ridiculously nutritious for the buck meal. I used red split lentils because that's what I bought today (and I misread the recipe) and reduced the oil by a lot. The were both great dishes and went well together. I forgot plain yogurt for the dipping sauce for the pancakes, but I'll pick that up tonight, I kind of think they needed the lime flavor.

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