Friday, August 14, 2009

Pasta with Pork and Veggies

So this isn't the kind of thing I usually post, it was just a concoction to use up some of the loose ends (in particular, we had a small amount of past left from spaghetti yesterday, enough I wanted to save it but not really enough to be a serving of pasta). But it was super tasty and there was a secret ingredient: red wine vinegar. It was a great way to use some leftovers and it went together very well.

I cooked some chopped onions and green peppers in just a touch of olive oil for just a few minutes, not enough to soften them, just enough to make them a little less pungent. I added some red pepper flakes, cumin, dried minced garlic and a little paprika, and then shredded half a large carrot on top. I added leftover pulled pork and cooked until that was heated, then added the leftover pasta (maybe 1-2 ounces max, there really wasn't a whole lot) and a dash of red wine vinegar. It was spicy, a little tangy, slightly sweet, and downright delicious. This coming from someone who doesn't really like pork. Then a tiny piece of leftover peach crisp for dessert. Yum!

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