Sunday, October 4, 2009

The secret to good cornbread (even if it's from a box)

So chili night was tonight and after all that cooking and cleaning and preparing, I'm exhausted. I need to finish washing dishes and do some homework before bed, so I'll keep the post short and focus on possibly the simplest dish I made: cornbread. It was just from a box, but with my own touch. And now it is confirmed by people other than me: the secret to good cornbread is vanilla soymilk. I discovered this cooking with people allergic to milk in college, but it could just be my preference. But two others complimented me on my cornbread, noting that they usually don't like cornbread, but that this was better. I also put a can of corn in the cornbread because I like it that way.

So that's one of my favorite cooking/baking secrets, which I guess is no longer a secret. Oh and you know what you do with the leftover vanilla soymilk (if you don't like to drink it)? Make pancakes. Same thing, they are so just a little sweeter and more moist with the vanilla soymilk.

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  1. I love vanilla soymilk in cream sauces like you use in chicken pot pies... sage and tarragon play off of the hint of sweetness from the vanilla really nicely. Derek even thought it was really good and has requested it a few times... which I doubt he would do if he knew what was actually in it :-)