Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ice Cream?

Least photogenic ice cream EVER.

So I've been playing with making ice cream.  And this is almost surely the tastiest ice cream I've ever eaten.  But when trying to take a picture of it I realized it doesn't really hold it's shape, so maybe it's not ice cream, more like really cold, cream?

It is addicting and chocolaty.  I'd say it is comparable to Nutella in this way.  It's also terrible for you.  And the flavor is what one of my friends might call a "grown up flavor," which is what he said about homemade toffee the first time he tried it (versus health bar).  That's probably from cooking it long enough to caramelize the sugar.

You know what, I just realized the problem.  Higher fat content freezes at a lower temperature, possibly lower than that of my freezer, meaning it is left runny.  It's okay, it still tastes great.  Amazing, really.  Better than any other chocolate ice cream out there.  And you really don't have to stir it since it doesn't really freeze.  The only thing I can think of deserving of such an amazing chocolate ice cream is fresh bing cherries.  Yum!  Oh, for the record, I darkened this up a little by adding a little extra cocoa and a little less sugar.  It originally had a cup of sugar and 3 Tbsp cocoa.

Chocolate Ice Cream
2 cups cream
3/4 c sugar
3 heaping Tbsp cocoa

Combine ingredients in saucepan, whisk together until blended.  Cook over low heat until bubbling, then cook until thicker (and to taste on the caramelization).

Cool.  Put in a freezer proof container.  Chill until cold.  Freeze.  Enjoy in EXTREME moderation.

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