Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meringue fail, Jam success

So I tried making Brown Sugar Meringues, but apparently when it says to beat until soft peaks form, it means until firm peaks form. There were definitely peaks, but the batter was certainly too soupy. I thought they would rise, but they didn't. Fortunately, I have the equivalent of 6 more egg whites and I can try again. I am however out of almonds, so they will just have brown sugar or will I add almond extract? Ah, well, I'll eat the goop anyway.

I did however make peach "jam" for the Daring Baker's Bakewell Tart I'll be making tomorrow. I needed a cup, so I cut up 3 peaches, with maybe 1/8 cup brown sugar (it was to taste, I didn't measure) and a squirt of lemon juice. I cooked until the peaches were soft and mushed them. So it's not real jam, but I think it will work for the fruit layer of the tart. I'll fill you in on that tomorrow. I also made the tart tonight, so yeah, it was a busy night. Tomorrow morning will also be.

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