Thursday, July 30, 2009

Steak Week

So on the theme of eating well on a budget, even though it was a few weeks ago, I divulge my secrets. Well, not really.

I really like steak, but I am on a pretty tight budget. So what's a girl to do? 1. Wait for a sale. 2. Stretch the steak. I bought and Eye Round Steak when it was on sale, cooked it on Sunday and had steak salad and steak tacos for the next few meals.

Steak tacos: tomatoes, onions, avacado, purple cabbage and steak on a corn tortilla.

Steak salad: tomatoes, onions, avacado, cilantro, and steak on romaine lettuce with a dressing made from chilis in adobo sauce, lime juice, cumin, cilantro, honey, and olive oil. I didn't really like the smokey flavor of the adobo sauce.

So the two dishes were kind of similar, but definitely satisfied my steak craving while still being healthy and relatively cheap. I'm actively working to incorporate more vegetables into my diet, and did pretty well during steak week.


  1. Do you have a set weekly budget / dollars per meal budget that you shoot for? Just curious what those numbers might be... I think I eat on a decent budget, but maybe not as tight as yours!

  2. No. I aim to spend about $300 per month on food, including eating out. However, I definitely spend more than I let on in this blog, granted a lot of it comes from baking and then sharing it with other people. I probably share about $20 worth of food per month, well at least during the school year I did.

    Also, a large part of my food budget is spent on fruit and veggies, which I often do not include in this blog. In a week where I only buy essentials (milk, yogurt, fruit, veggies) I usually spend $25-30 and none of that goes into my "meals" it's all side dishes/snacks.

    I should work out cost per meal though, I'm just too lazy to figure out what a cup of milk or teaspoon of salt costs me. I just consider those "general expenses," especially spices since I buy them so infrequnetly.

  3. Thanks for the congrats comment! :) Your food sounds very tasty, I'm a little jealous!