Saturday, January 15, 2011


I found a challah recipe that doesn't make 2-3 loaves!  I am excited.  I love challah, but am not a huge fan of freezing and thawing my bread.  So I was excited when I found a recipe for 1 challah loaf.  And braiding bread is fun!  I would have taken a picture, but before I ate it a chunk before I had a chance and it was no longer photogenic.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll try again.

Something seemed a little off about it.  The texture wasn't quite right.  The instructions did confuse me a little.  You start out with a stiff blend of dough, then you knead until its soft?  The dough was never soft for me.  That is probably the problem.  Also, the taste was slightly off, but I expect that is because I used half honey that had crystalized (which I don't think was a problem or maybe that's what affected the texture, anyone know?) and half raw wildflower honey, which has a bit of a taste that is different from other honeys.

This might be a pointless entry with no picture and no recommendations and just a link to the recipe.  However, I'll try it again and we can compare, and then it will be more of a base of learning post.

However, I will take this opportunity to mention my new favorite website  I'm trying to reduce my pointless time online, and this is actually good for that because 1) it's slightly less pointless than facebook.  I did after all get a challah recipe there. 2) It takes less time to look at pretty pictures and bookmark some of my favorites than I will invariably spend on any other site to get the same amount of "break" quality.  After all, sometimes I just feel like killing a few minutes online and reading through one page of that website is satisfies that craving sufficiently.

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