Friday, May 15, 2009

A Spin on Tuna Salad

So I actually talked to my hair dresser about tuna salad when I was home getting a hair cut (she has cut my hair since I was about 3, so I know her pretty well). I told her i just make the standard tuna: tuna (white albacore packed in water in the bag, not the can), mayo, celery, green onions if I have them, maybe some almonds on top (or pineapple by suggestion of a friend). I mean, it's decent, but nothing spectacular. But if I want tuna it works. She told me about a recipe she was inspired by when she was in Jamaica. I couldn't find a Jamaican recipe, so I winged it. It's missing something... salt? Maybe. But something else. I'll try throwing cumin in it. I just found a blog that talks about the wonders (and flexibility) of cumin. She puts it in chocolate pudding! I'm going to try that. Wow, this paragraph was full of ideas that aren't organized very well.

And it's getting hot in Atlanta. It's only 80 and I'm drained all the time; I'm worried about what summer will bring. Then again, it's the humidity combined with the high pollen count and the heat is probably what is getting me. One of those things will not be around in a month.

But the heat and low energy require high protein/high fiber COOL lunches. And tuna is the perfect option. And as we know, I have trouble eating veggies, so I packed this with them:

1 package tuna, drained
Half a green pepper diced
1-2 Tbsp cilantro (or maybe more, it's pretty green) chopped
1/2 red onion diced
1 plum tomato
Juice of 1/2 lime (the other half is in Corn Salsa, that I crave almost weekly in summer)

Note there is not oil or mayo in this. To keep it together, I blended it (and chopped the onion and green pepper) in my Magic Bullet.

To be honest, it doesn't really taste like tuna at all. The onion is really strong (are they really strong at this time of year? all of them I've found have made me cry, even red and vidalia onions, which I'm usually fine with), and this bunch of cilantro tasted especially plant-y, as opposed to cilantro-y (as in it tasted like a leaf, rather than having the distinctive cilantro flavor). So the tuna salad is a little... strong. I guess it just tastes like a plant-y onion. But really, I'm okay with that at this time of year. I might play with it a little, until I get a really good recipe, especially since tuna is a staple for me in summer.

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