Monday, February 16, 2009

Bread Number 3

I made this week's recipe because I bought powdered milk and wanted to get use out of it. That was a poor choice. The bread may be the tastiest that I've made, but the texture is weird, kind of chewy, and it was very complicated: lots of shaping and changing bowls and weird things like spraying with water. But the recipe is here. I didn't do most of the shaping, mostly because I couldn't understand what it was telling me to do. I'm a math grad student, I don't understand funny wording and there were no pictures. I also didn't have a baking stone, and I figured once I put it in the oven, I couldn't screw it up too badly, so I just put it in and baked it like any other loaf, without all the pans at the bottom of the oven. This turned out fine, but I only baked it for a half hour at 400 and it got a little darker than I like it. This might be why the texture is bad, I'm not sure.

Final opinion: it's pretty good bread, but not worth the hassle.

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